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Galea'i Spends Weekend with his "Usos"

For Jray Galea'i, this past weekend's trip to BYU was a big reunion in a way, as he was able to meet up with many of the friends he's made since childhood in both Hawaii and Provo. The top safety prospect, who stands as one of the first commits for the coming 2009 class, has formed strong ties with many of his fellow recruits, some of which he considers to be his own brothers.

"Uso" is a word Polynesians use to refer to those close to them. The literal translation is "brother." Having grown up literally across the street from current Cougar Shiloah Te'o, Jray Galea'i can't remember when he didn't refer to Shiloah or others very close to Shiloah as his usos. "Shiloah and Manti, they're my usos to be sure," said Galea'i about the Te'o cousins. "I mean, we're brothers... Recommended Stories