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Been There, Done That

During the off-season, Bronco Mendenhall gave up the 3-3-5 defense that he brought to Provo in 2003, but when the Cougars line up for their home opener against Tulsa this Saturday, there will still be plenty of 3-3-5 on the field. This time, however, it will be BYU's opponent lining up in the unconventional alignment.

"The system they run is very similar to what our defense used to do, but it's different in its own way in how they execute it," said BYU offensive lineman Eddie Keele regarding Tulsa's version of the 3-3-5. "It's a little more laid back in that they don't blitz from as many different places or as often as our defense did, but it's similar, and I think that's good for us." The offensive line...

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