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Sark's Next Task: Get The Offense Right

Keith Price (US PRESSWIRE)

SEATTLE - It seems almost ridiculous to say it, but somewhere along the way Washington's offense went off the rails. This is the same group, led by quarterback Keith Price, that averaged 409 yards and over 33 points per game in 2011. But that seems a long way off now; this year's offense is producing a paltry 321 yards and 23 points each time they step out on the field.

So where did it all go so horribly wrong? It's easy to point the finger of blame at UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian, who also happens to call the plays during the games. Nothing's changed with Sarkisian's ability to dial up the right play at the right time. When reviewing the games it's been a lack of execution that has plagued the Huskies time and time again from moving the ball in any... Recommended Stories