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Number 11 catches the eye

When wide receiver Ross Apo walked out onto the practice field wearing his number 11 jersey as spring camp began, all eyes focused in on the sophomore as he weaved in and out of position drills smoothly and effortlessly, living up to his nickname of "Silky." However, upon closer examination, the player wearing number 11 wasn't Apo, but rather some other receiver.

In the cone drills, Ross Apo is smooth and in his position drills he is athletically impressive. However, when it comes time for team scrimmaging, he plays the z-receiver position. So, who was it that was wearing number 11 playing the x-receiver position? Well, it was none other than 6-foot-4-inch, 204-pound freshman wideout Terenn Houk, who was not only wearing Apo's old jersey number but also... Recommended Stories