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Back to the island

For this Saturday's game between BYU and Hawaii, the phrase that has commonly been bandied about is "rivalry renewed." The two teams programs have played each other 27 times through the years, but their last showdown was in 2002. Hawaii loves to hate BYU, and the heavy (no pun intended) Polynesian influence on BYU's program adds to the rivalry.

The thought of Aloha Stadium doesn't conjure up pleasant memories for Cougar fans. Although BYU has a winning record in road games against the Hawaii Warriors (11-8, including victories in 11 of the last 15), fans' perceptions have been soured by a few high-profile losses. There was the 59-28 loss in 1990 the day Ty Detmer won the Heisman Trophy, and the 72-45 loss in 2001 when BYU was 12-0. So...